Homeschooling in Mississippi

Our summary below describes the overall picture of homeschooling requirements in the state of Mississippi. Additional and more extensive help can be found within our e-book: Mississippi Homeschool Legal Workbook: Your Guide to Compliance - Facts & Forms, prepared by HomeSchoolLegal.com.

 Approach 1

 Approach: Establish a homeschool
 Restrictions: Teacher certification not required
 Reporting: File a Certificate of Enrollment with the school district’s attendance officer by September 15 of each school year.
 Recordkeeping: None
 Requirements: Subjects not required. Attendance: Public schools require 180 days. “Nonpublic” school term shall be the number of days that each school shall require for promotion from grade to grade.
 Testing: Testing Not Required
 Compulsory  Attendance: Applies to children who are the age of 6 on or before September 1, but who have not attained the age of 17 on or before September 1.
 Source of Law: Mississippi Code Annotated, Title 37, Chapter 13
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