What We Offer

Do you worry about legal compliance?

  • What we offer you is a fresh perspective. We believe that just because you teach your children at home you don’t have to do so in fear. Many families have some level of fear because of not knowing how to comply in their state. At our site, we offer you step-by-step information and directions about compliance. Our level of detail and help is not available at other legal support sites for homeschoolers. Rather than fearing the “knock on the door,” we believe in empowering you to do all you can to prevent it.

  • You’re busy teaching the kids. Let us help you with the nuts and bolts of compliance and recordkeeping. Whether you live in a high regulation state or a low regulation state, you want to do things the right way. Giving your child a superior education by homeschooling them is the tough part. Complying with your state regulations can be a mysterious part. Let us help dispel the mystery.

What you can do. . .

Start with the free information at our site including detailed state summaries, FAQs, and other articles about legal compliance for those who do, or want to, teach their own children.

Then, our State Workbooks take you through the process of legal compliance in your state, step-by-step, reducing the risk of a homeschooling challenge by legal authorities. We’ve done a detailed analysis of regulations in the United States and present you with the information, the forms, and the directions you need to homeschool with integrity and confidence.

You’re doing the hard work, day-to-day in the trenches of homeschooling. Let us help give you peace of mind so you can dedicate your whole heart to your most important job – homeschooling.

Inside our State Workbooks, you will find:

     Legal Requirements
     Forms and Directions
     Checklists and Worksheets
     About Standardized Testing
     About Special Needs
     Legal 911 - What To Do
     State Organizations
     Preserving The Joy!

Let HomeSchoolLegal.com take the worry out of legal compliance for you!

Thomas Morrow
Chairman and CEO
Home School, Inc.