Homeschooling in Arkansas

Our summary below describes the overall picture of homeschooling requirements in the state of Arkansas. Additional and more extensive help can be found within our e-book: Arkansas Homeschool Legal Workbook: Your Guide to Compliance - Facts & Forms, prepared by

Approach 1

 Approach: Establish a homeschool
 Restrictions: Teacher certification not required
 Reporting: Parents are required to notify school superintendent of intent to homeschool by filling out a Letter of Intent and signing a waiver before August 15 (for Fall Semester) or December 15 (for Spring semester) each year. Parents withdrawing children from public school during the school year must wait 14 calendar days after filing LOI to begin homeschooling and file at the beginning of each homeschooling year thereafter. If a homeschooler establishes new residency in Arkansas, they must notify the school superintendent of their intent to homeschool within 30 days of establishing residency. NOTE: Parents or guardians shall deliver written notice in person to the superintendent of their local school district the first time such notice is given.
 Recordkeeping: None required
 Requirements: Specific subjects not required
 Testing: Testing is required. Each student enrolled in a home school program who is considered to be at a grade level, or no more than two (2) years beyond the normal age for the appropriate grade, for which the state mandates norm-referenced tests for public school students shall be tested using a nationally recognized norm-referenced achievement test selected by the State Board of Education. Students in grades 3-9 are tested each year. Alternate testing may be approved by the director of an education service cooperative after consultation with the parents of a homeschooled student; provided, however, that any costs associated with an alternate testing procedure shall be the responsibility of the parents. The administration of tests required of home-schooled students shall be by the directors of the education service cooperatives. For information about availability, visit
 Compulsory  Attendance: Applies to children between the ages of 5 through 17, with a kindergarten waiver available if the child will not be age 6 on September 15 of the Kindergarten school year.
 Source of Law: Arkansas Statutes Annotated, Title 6
 NOTE: This is not intended to be legal advice and is offered only as an educational service for visitors to and It is not a substitute for competent legal advice. Requirements may change at any time, and interpretations of the law and regulations can differ. Consult a legal services provider and a local hoomeschooling support group for more specific information.